Friday, June 9, 2017

2017 Back Log | January - February

Winter in Boston was pretty mild. We had a storm or two but nothing like the winter of a few years ago! Still, coming home to shovel the slush and ice wasn't great -- and I was happy to escape to the West Coast for a bit for work and family visit! 
Scott and I also continued the streak of not having spent an actual Valentines' Day together since we started dating! 

Work fun in LA shooting some great spots for April / May! 

Then, onto Berkeley: 

The CT Luna's were in town - it was great to see them while I was in CA! 
Family dinner at Hibachi

Heather and  I got to take advantage of the extra babysitters to shop and lunch. Here's the classic "Ladies who Lunch" pose! I really love getting out to CA and getting that 1:1 time with Heather. Nothing like a day laughing and chatting with your sister! 

Unfortunately - when mom is away.... Ethan will color on his face with a highlighter. 

Sweet boy and his mama

 And Titi! 

This girl is all smiles. I love her to bits! 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

And we're back!!

I always have grand plans to blog about our adventures - but it is never top of mind when I have time to spare and here we are 6 months later! 

So much has happened, here's a quick recap on the end of 2016! 

Shoot in LA and Berkeley Visit! I can't believe how much bigger these kiddos are now! 

Laurel and Steve came to Boston! 

Laura and Jaime got married!

Gilmore Girls Fest! 

Grandma's Birthday! 

Tabletop shoot with my fave crew

DD / Sapient won a Globie Award for their work with Gronk / Ortiz!

Weekend antics: a hike around Worlds End 

Thanksgiving Fun!

Grandparents love snapchat! 

Sisters who drink wine while they cook! 

Turkey Trot!

Vollono Dinner

Yearly Tradition: Getting the Vollono Tree the day after Thanksgiving! 

HBD Mom! 

Brighton Decorations 

 DD team party: Hot chocolate bar & Yankee Swap 

Trek to Maine to see Nemi's new house! 

Holiday Love

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day 

Vollono Secret Santa Exchange