Sunday, May 31, 2015

Picnic Night and Portsmouth

Scott and I have talked about packing up some food to grill in a park near our house and finally did it! We hit the one year countdown to the wedding and decided to celebrate with a picnic in the park. 

I got some hummus and spinach dip from the Mediterranean bar at Wegmans.

We split a new beer we wanted to try, grilled up some steaks and peppers, and had a delicious dinner! 

Saturday - we went up to meet Jen and Drew at the beach in Maine, then hung out in Portsmouth. 

Dinner at Brgr Bar, then drinks by the water! We stayed over at their house and went out to breakfast in the morning before heading back to Boston.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Finally Friday

Holy Hell, this week has been a beast. 3 day weekends are amazing, until Wednesday when you think it is Tuesday, and Thursday - when you realize there are only 16 hours left in the work week but you have about 30+ hours worth of work to do. 

1. Today is officially ONE YEAR until our wedding!!! WOOT! 

Also, Happy Birthday JFK.

2. Drive Time Entertainment.

After getting hooked on Serial and then subscribing to a ton of podcasts, I found some that make me laugh on the commute to work. 

Sara and Steve Hate People. 

This is a married couple who live in LA and podcast about things they don't like, or things we are all thinking and don't openly talk about. I'm still deciding if they are annoying bc I've only listened to a few. 


Sara from Sara and Steve Hate People teamed up with Rachael King, who I've been following via social media since her hilarious blog Liv It Luv It from her life in DC a few years ago. LiLu ended, and I'm excited to be back hearing her tales and discussions on life now that she is a West Coaster. 

- Ask me Another. 

This podcast brings the NPR show to you  when you're ready, vs. waiting around on the radio for it to come on. I stumbled upon Ask Me Another years ago, but never remember to listen to NPR at 6p on a Saturday. Or, am not driving in my car for that hour - because where else do you even know where to find a radio? The show is live from NY and is a mix of brainteasers, trivia, and awesome guests. 

4. What's on Repeat? 

5. Weekend plans I can't wait for: 
- Picnic at Summit Park tonight
- Maine / New Hampshire with Jen and Drew Saturday
- Cleaning on Sunday

Happy Friday! 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Five Things Friday | Memorial Day!

Happy Friday! This week was long but productive. We had some nice weather days which made it really hard to be in the office, but we made it to the weekend! 

Happy Memorial Day! 

1. Showering Baby Jamie! 
This weekend is the baby shower for Vera and Lori! Baby Jamie will arrive in August, and I can't wait to meet him/her! (Gender is still a mystery!) Excited to see the girls this Saturday! 

2. Delicious Cake Pops! 
My coworker Jess makes amazingly delicious cake pops, so I recruited her handiwork for the shower this weekend. YUM! 

3. It's Memorial Day / Green Turtle Weekend! 

We are avoiding traffic this year and staying local for the long weekend, and can't wait to spend it on a boat! When Scott's parents visit from CT, they stay on the Green Turtle floating B&B. It used to be docked in Winthrop, MA but has since moved to Charlestown. For Christmas, the Vollono's got us a gift certificate to stay on the boat so we are redeeming it this weekend. It's a great "almost a year til our wedding" celebration! 

4. La Catrina

We tried out this cute little mexican restaurant up the street from us last night. They just remodeled and re opened this spring, and I'm so happy we are right down the street! I love mexican food, and margaritas, but find they are overpriced most places. (ahem, Lone Star Taco Bar) La Catrina has $6 margs! The decor is all about El Dia de los Muertos , which I am drawn to. I love the bright colors in the sugar skulls and the idea of celebrating  and visiting with the spirits of loved ones who have passed. Anyway - the restaurant had delicious food, great prices, and friendly staff! Can't wait to go back! 

5. Song of the Week:

I can't get enough of this song: 

(Check out the remix for a run / gym playlist :

Taking a page from Running off the Reese's blog, here is some advice from birthday girl and all around rock star, Tina Fey: 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Five things FRIDAY

1. Woot!! It's Friday! This week felt like it took forever. I think it was a combination of being tired (Red eye to work Monday, Woof!) and having a quieter week at work. Less meetings makes the week drag! 

2. Stowaway! I found this in my clothes this morning from my trip to CA. I got a little sad when I saw it and it made me miss EGL, Heather and Erik so much! Also - Heather's laundry smells AMAZING. Not sure why mine never comes out as good as hers does. 

3. Belated Mother's Day celebration - Today Scott and I are headed to CT for the weekend. I haven't been home since Easter! Tomorrow, Mom and I are getting Mani/Pedi's and then we'll all go to dinner. 

I am excited to try out this restaurant in CT! I love that craft beer is taking over and bars/restaurants are opening with so many great beer choices. One thing I love about Boston is the variety of bars with great beer, and now CT has some too! 

5. Hairspray ! Heather and I saw this last Friday in Berkeley and I can't get the songs out of my head! It's kept me in a great mood this week, and now I have download the soundtrack to learn all the words! 

Have a good weekend!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Berkeley Weekend

I am so so so grateful that work gets me to the west coast so I can see the Luna's often! It is always a treat to see the handsome nugget, EGL. 
I cannot believe how fast he is growing up. What happened to the little baby I held almost a year ago!? 

Friday, we checked out the aquarium at the Cal Academy. 

Ethan LOVED the fish, butterflies, and everything in the aquarium...EXCEPT the humidity of the rainforest. #californiababy 

Hot, tired, almost done. 

Before heading back to Berkeley - we hit up the old favorite - Falletti! It was right across from Heather and Erik's old apartment and was so convenient for a quick run for a snack, wine/cheese, or iced coffee. Some guy walked in, saw Ethan and said "Wow! That's a cute baby!" - so many people come out of the blue and tell Heather how handsome he is! Ridiculously good looking baby. 

Friday Night, Heather and I went to see "Hairspray" in Berkeley. It's crazy, sad and incredibly disappointing that the same race issues that happened in the 60's are still a problem today. We should have come so much further by now. Despite this, the show has some really fun parts and overall a positive message. It's on the top 5 list now! 

Saturday: Heather and EGL did their first stroller run to train for a 5k at the end of the month. Luckily we went at a doable pace - because I was getting over being sick and was able to keep up. 

Later that day, we went to a Mother's Day Lunch! 

EGL pushing his own stroller

sweet sweatshirt at the craft fair 

more pushing the stroller as we waited to be sat

Quick stroll around before heading back so someone could nap! (Or, all of us!) 

 E & E need to work on smiling and looking at the camera, eyes open, at the same time !

Chilling in the afternoon with the Luna's

Silly boy

Sunday AM breakfast! 

Until next time West Coast!