Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weekend Recap | Swim, Gym, and Pliny

Thursday AM, Scott dropped me at the airport for my trip to CA!! I had a quick flight to JFK on a tiny puddle jumper. Per usual - it was horrible. You are up and down so quick, it's a small plane so any wind makes it super bumpy, and by the time we land - I feel sick. Luckily, I had about an hour layover so I was able to walk around a bit and grab a sandwich for lunch. 

Next up - the flight to SFO! 

I took the pic above on snapchat, but couldn't post until I landed. I love the filters that tell you how fast you're going! 

I flew Delta, and we were on a huge plane. It was so long! The seats were pretty roomy, and the TVs were similar to Virgin or Jet Blue - direct TV and some free shows available, plus some movies for purchase. I watched some episodes of Parks and Rec, Angie Tribeca, Law and Order SVU, and The Mindy Project. 

When I got in, I met Heather at the train station and we rode home together. That night we ordered some dinner, played with EGL and hung around. 

Crazy Erik got up early and went with his Hockey buds to Russian River to taste some Pliny the Younger. This beer is rare and delicious (I hear), and they left at 4:45AM to get in line! They hung around until 11 to get in, had 3 beers in 3 hours and headed back. It would have been good to taste Pliny the Younger, but -- it wasn't worth getting up that early! 
Instead, I stayed home with H & E. I had a little bit of work to do, so Heather and Ethan went for a walk. When they came back, I was all done and Heather had to get on a call and do some work so EGL and I went to the park. 

EGL loves to dance to Uptown Funk! He'll turn on the TV and say: 

Later, we practiced saying "Uncle Scott" but only got "Uncle Pots" or "Sot". You'll get it in time, little buddy - Scotty's nieces and nephews still call him Uncle Cott! 

 EGL is such a helper! He took this lantern off the table and dragged it around for a bit. Luckily he didn't break it, and was such a good boy to bring it back where it belongs! 

We hung around that afternoon, took a walk with Evie and had a low key night. Erik was nice enough to bring back some Pliny the Elder for me! WOOT! 

In the AM - Ethan had swimming. We grabbed some juices and walked through the farmers market on the way home. 
We played outside with bubbles in the warm weather. 

Heather and I went out to lunch when EGL went down for a nap, but he was NOT having it! He ended up not napping and going a little cuckoo later that night. 

Finally the little guy went to bed and we hung out on the couch until we all fell asleep by 10. 

Cuddling with the original fur - neice, Evie May! 

Early AM trains. Erik and Ethan put the table together on no - nap afternoon. Later we shuffled the track around to get the bridge up. 

Next, we hit up the usual breakfast hotspot: Sam's Log Cabin! 
Erik treated his girls (Heather and baby girl!), me and Ethan to breakfast. Then, it was off to gymnastics! 

Playing in the blocks after hanging on the rings. 

Working on his somersault. EGL was done with the gym with a few min left to class. He wanted to get his hand stamped and move on with the day! 

Little dude has a runny nose, and when he rubbed his nose with his stamped hand, his face turned blue!! 
After nap, we went to Berkeley Marina for a walk. 

We drove up to Pt. Reyes, and it was quite eventful! EGL did not handle the windy roads in the backseat well and we had to pull over for an outfit change after he got carsick. I feel for him, since that used to be me when I was a kid! 

We poked around town while his stomach settled. It was so nice and warm! 

We picked up sandwiches, had some coffee and headed back. 
These two didn't make it home without a nap! 

Back home, we dug out the water table since it was so nice out. 

SOMEONE got all wet so I wrapped him up to dry.
We walked downtown for pizza before bath and bed for Ethan and an Uber to the airport for Titi! 

We had a GREAT visit, and I was sad to leave! 
See you soon Luna's! 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sending all my love to you

Sv and I are not big on V-Day. I don't think it makes sense to overpay for flowers, go to an overcrowded restaurant or be depressed for not having someone to share one day with. I like to send my girlfriends cards and tell them I love them! 
However, since we are getting married this year, I was a little sentimental and sent Scott some text Valentines since we were apart. 


HAHAHAHAHA. Scott loves this movie so it was funny to us. 

Happy Valentine's Day Love! 

Friday, February 12, 2016

can you HANDLE it?

At the end of 2015, our friend Lauren introduced me to the local cycle studio, The Handle Bar. I went once, and really enjoyed it. Then - with the holidays and general insanity of weekends, didn't get back to a class with her until January. My first thought after finishing was - Scott would really enjoy this, so when we signed up for another class, he joined us! 

We started out with Sunday morning class in Harvard Sq. The instructor, Matt, is fantastic - so much positive energy and such a great way to kick off a week. His sound track is also amazing, and he sometimes posts his lists to Spotify! So, we decided to try the new rider special offer, 1 month, unlimited rides for $100, and we are taking full advantage. Scott and I now are doing Tuesday and Thursday classes at the Fenway location and then Sundays with Lauren in Harvard Sq. We are both out of town and missing class this week which is bumming me out, but we'll be back Tues/Thurs! 

I'm addicted! The workout is intense, but of course with spin you can control the type of work out you have. We walk out of class sweaty and tired, but energized and happy. The instructors at Handle Bar push you to give it all you've got, and work hard for the full 45 you are in there. Of course, you have to find the instructors that work at the speed you are happy with - we had one whose music taste and approach to the ride was a bit out of our style, but we are loving our weeknight and weekend rides! I love that Scott and I are riding it out together and getting stronger. And, my new go to gift suggestion: Handle Bar gift cards! 
(hint hint for my upcoming March birthday!)