Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ugly Sweater 5k

As a kickoff to the holidays, Scott and I did the Ugly Sweater Run in Hartford. We decorated some existing clothes to be more festive! 

There were some crazy outfits there! Check out that sweater suit! I think my favorite was one with a picture of Jesus that said, "It's my birthday!" haha. 

There were probably 5000 people at the event, and they released runners in heats of 300. 

At the end of the run, we redeemed our free beer tickets.

Our friends Pete and John met up with us after the run and we headed to Vaughns for lunch. It was such a warm day, it was nice to be outside for most of it! 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Turkeys and Trees

Happy Holidays! The season has begun. Turkeys have trotted, trees are cut and decorated, and shopping has commenced. I cannot believe how fast 2015 has flown, and that we are already back at the holiday season!

This Thanksgiving, we headed home bright and early Wednesday at 6AM. It worked out great because we beat all the traffic! I worked from home while Scott did some errands. 
Check out my sweet, furry, co worker - Adi. 


Thursday AM - we drove to Stratford for the Turkey Trot. It was definitely warmer this year than last! For the first time in 4 years, a restaurant downtown was open after the race! We grabbed breakfast and a few post race brews to kick off Turkey day. Scott and Dad had awesome 5k times, coming in around 27 min and 30 min respectively. 

Next, we headed home, showered and prepped dinner. Grandma and Grandpa came over, and posed for a holiday picture to send to Heather, Erik and Ethan! 


The day after Thanksgiving - Scott and I are busy bees. We are the official Christmas tree pickers for Laurel and Steve. At Oak Ridge Tree farm in Middletown, we spent about 30 minutes wandering around for the perfect tree. The one we chose was growing a bit crooked, but we knew we could cut it straight and it would look beautiful. We threw the tree in Big Steve's pick up and completed the ritual with lunch at Eli Cannon's

Chosen one. 

Lumberjack Sv got to saw that guy to the ground. 

Back at the Vollono's - Scott and Steve carefully string the lights. This is serious work. 

Adi was exhausted just watching them. 

The family gathered at Auntie Sue's for Nama's 90th Birthday! 

Surrounded by 5 of 6 grandsons! 
We were missing David and Lindsay who were in FL with her family this weekend. 

After the bday celebrations, we kept it low key with a glass of wine and some Home Alone. 


After driving back Saturday afternoon, we had a quiet Saturday night in Boston. 
Sunday, we picked out a tree at Home Depot to decorate. We had to let the tree settle, and realized the Giants game wasn't on our local stations. Womp womp. So, we stopped into Harry's to see how the game was going. At halftime, it was tree time. 

Meticulous light placements. 

Kitten approved. 

Coziest corner in town! 

We are ready for the holidays!!