I'm an AUNTIE!

My fabulous sister, Heather,  had her beautiful baby boy Ethan Graham on 7/27/14. 
I flew out on 7/3 to help out, and meet the little guy. I am IN LOVE!! He's so sweet and so handsome. 
I was so glad I was able to go out and help the new parents.  
Lots of laundry, dishes, and holding that little guy. 

Ethan sleeping in Daddy's arms

so sweet! 

Ah! he kills me!

yawny boy

'sup Auntie?

don't worry Evie!! I still love you just as much! 

Such a good big sister


sweet baby feet

The morning after - different scenario these days! 

Sox Socks

Family Photo!

Heather's friend Kira came over for newborn photos. 

Leaving was so hard. I didn't want to leave Heather & Erik, and didn't want to give up being able to see that little guy everyday. I'll be back soon!! 


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