Five Things Friday

1. Camping Weekend! 
We have not gone camping since our last trip to VT in 2013! Craziness. Last year our camping buddies were out of commission having just had a newborn baby, soooo we opted out of that event last summer. Now, Kendall is almost 1, and ready to learn about state park camping. Today - we head to Pawtuckaway State Park  for Kayaking, Mountain biking and camp-fires. Also on the agenda, Charmingfare Farm for Kendall and possibly Candia Vineyards or Flag Hill Winery / Distillery! 

2. What's Keeping us entertained? 
- Masterchef: Unlike on Hell's Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey is supportive, nice(r) and motivating to the home chefs competing to become the next master chef. Understandably - since they are home chefs vs professionals, but still - the vibe is more enjoyable. Next week determines the top 10, and I don't have a favorite yet! There are a few who I'd be OK with seeing go home (ahem, Katrina who cries at EVERYTHING and Christopher who runs his mouth about his skills without anything to back it up)

- Wayward Pines: So, this show is a little strange still. It's a sci-fi / mystery/thriller based on a book series and is produced by M. Night Shayamalan (the plot twist director of Sixth Sense and The Village). It is an intense and detailed story about an alternate life in a pleasantville town that no one can escape. Learning the details of why - I'm still not sure I buy that anyone is telling the truth. I'm sucked in to see how it ends. 

- True Detective: We watched Season 1, which was good but a bit graphic toward the end. This season is a new set of detectives and story lines that I am still wrapping my head around. There are so many characters that we keep asking - wait, who is that guy again? 
Luckily, I just found a cheat sheet that might be able to help us out. 

3. On the Move - Sunday, we pumped air in our bike tires and took off on a quick jaunt to Newton. It's about 4 miles away and has a few good hills on the route. We stopped in Newton Centre for a drink at Union Street Bar and Grill, then rode back via Brookline for dinner and some World Cup viewing at The Publick House

4. Upcoming events to look forward to: Meeting up with Stephen, Amy, Sophia and Eric at Old Orchard beach next Friday, leaving for Block Island next weekend, and Scott's Birthday!! 

5. This awesome mash up! Kenny Ortega is a fantastic choreographer, so I'm not surprised his moves are so versatile to other beats. 


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