Hanging out with the Moons

Scott and I went to CA to see the Luna's for Labor Day!

Wednesday AM Departure from Boston

Meeting Mr. Ethan Graham for the first time! They were instant buds. Ethan loved to just stare at Scott, and later was loving the guitar session! 

my little nugget! 

The day we arrived *SOMEONE* wasn't napping well and his poor mama was exhausted! He finally went down for a nap, and Scott and I took a walk to get the elusive Pliny the Elder
Pliny is a fantastic IPA made by Russian River Brewing Co. and is one of the best West Coat IPA's.  Pliny is very hard to find on tap, and in bottles. A liquor store near Heather & Erik gets a shipment once a week and if you aren't there early in the day, you might miss out. It's in such high demand you can only buy one per person! 

Thursday - Heather, Ethan and I took a walk around Lake Merritt while Scott ran it! He did 2 loops for 6 mi. while we walked, chatted, and stopped to feed Ethan. We had a little mishap trying to meet up with Scott to get back to the car, so our little walk took way longer than we thought it would. 

It was so fun to hang around with Ethan! He loves the guitar, so Scott and Erik played and he was mesmerized! 

Right before we headed to the airport - saying goodnight to Ethan. 


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