10/25/14 : Scott and I got engaged! 

We were headed back from CT and were planning to go to dinner in Charlestown for a quiet Saturday night. Plans derailed when we got stuck on 91 N in CT for a few hours behind a car accident. We were parked on the highway and started watching Netflix on the phone to pass the time. Little did I know - the plans REALLY derailed because Scott was planning to propose after dinner! 

After leaving CT at 4p, we finally made it home around 10p. We brought our stuff inside, tired and hungry. I put our stuff down and turned around to figure out a plan for dinner and there was Scott - down on one knee!! 

We headed to our neighborhood favorite, Harry's for food and celebratory drinks where the bartender gave us prosecco to cheers our engagement. I was so excited I could barely speak!  
We are so happy and excited! 


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