Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday ! Friday! Friday!

Please enjoy some of the fun things that kept me sane this week!

This awesome version of Girls Just Want to Have Fun

This random and hilarious video

The countdown to see my favorite west coast family is on! We leave in 5 days!! Cannot wait to hold that little guy again!

 The weekend is here!! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

More beer tasting

Saturday night we met Chris and Jess to go to a tasting at Shabeen Brewery in Wolcott, CT. 


They had 6 beers on tap, and for $5 you can take a tour and taste all 6! 

Their claim to fame is their Cannoli beer, which doesn't really taste like cannoli, but the sugar on top is delish! 

The Gang's All Here

Last weekend, Jen came to town, and Lauren came up from Douglas so we all went out on the town! First, a day at the beach. 
Back to Singing beach for metal detecting and hanging out in the sand and water! 

Next up: Happy Hour and Dinner! 

Of course we stayed out way too late and some of us felt horrible the next day 
but it was so fun to be all together again! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A brewery and a birthday

Friday, we met up with Pete and John to go to the Open House at Hooker Brewery. Every other Friday they open to the public and for $10, you can taste all the beer you want (in a little sample cup) ,get a tour (if you want), and a free pint glass when you leave.   

Scott, Pete and John sampling the Irish Red

We grabbed some dinner at the Arch Street Tavern  but didn't stay for the random band playing that night. For a $10 cover, it didn't seem worth it!

Saturday, we celebrated Audrianna's 2nd birthday! 

Photo credit:

Scott and I spent a lot of our time outside playing with Eric, Sophia and Audrianna! 

Nama, Laurel and baby Gabriella

We drove home Friday evening so I could rest up for the Pan Mass bike Sunday AM! 

Monday, August 4, 2014


This was my 3rd year doing the Pan Mass Bike  with the Dunkin' Dozen team. I'm so glad I got involved in such a great organization! Sunday 8/3 - we  biked 50 miles from Wellesley to Patriot Place and back to Wellesley!
It's a good but tough ride. There are a few challenging hills, but every person along the route - riders and supporters are there to help you through it!

Laurel. Jen's Grandfather. Lori's dad. 
Uncle Danny. Nama. Auntie Dee, Freddy, Hilda. The countless friends and family affected by cancer, who need us to find a cure. My heart and love go to my loved ones and their families. Cancer sucks, and any money we can raise to help find a cure is one step closer to less loss, less pain and more time with ones we cherish.

I'm a proud supporter of the PMC because it is leading a charge to beat cancer. 100% of the rider-raised revenue from the PMC goes to the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber Cancer Institute's commitment to finding a cure.

Fundraising Page:

2013 Finishers!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekend Fun

Last weekend we got up early to head up to Singing Beach to relax, beat the heat and for Scott to use his metal detector. Parking is not the best up there, but if you get up early enough you can park down by the boat launch and walk the half mile or so to the beach. Also - we got there right before they set up so we didn't have to pay the $5 walk on fee! This also meant that when we set up it was only 68 degrees and cloudy! haha.

It cleared up within a half hour or so and we enjoyed some sun! Scott was one of THREE people on the beach with a metal detector. One guy had a water version and was scanning over the wet sand! I think we 'll have to invest in one of those soon.

Check out Scott's findings below!

Later in the day we met up with Lori & Vera in Waltham for some Margaritas and mexican food ! YUM! 

Master Chef at Home

We are fans of cooking shows. If there is nothing on, the default is to check On Demand for some cooking competition. Scott got me into Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen, and we also love Knife Fight on Esquire Channel. Anyway - I've always enjoyed cooking but don't have the time.  Scott now gets home before I do from work, and is loving cooking! He has some signature dishes, and this week we actually tried to plan out meals ahead of time instead of Scott having to make it up as he goes along with quick trips to Whole Foods.

Signature Dishes: 

Meatballs, Sausage and Sauce. 
Scott makes a mean meatball, and a nice spicy sauce. I suppose it comes with the territory of being Italian! I used his recipe to make some food for Heather & Erik when I was in town for the 4th, and it came out pretty good! 

Spaghetti, grape tomatoes and feta. This dish is delicious on a cold or hot day. This isn't a pic of Scott's dish, but it looks similar. 

Kale Soup: Spicy Turkey Sausage, Kale, white beans, red beans. This is so good for a really cold day, but also pretty good on a summer night with some white wine! Scott and I like it nice and spicy though, which isn't for everyone. 

This week's menu

Chicken Florentine: So easy and so delicious! 

We baked chicken with italian seasoning and ate with brussel sprouts with Garlic & Balsamic vinegar. Such a small ingredient (balsamic) made the brussels taste so good!

We got a pre marinated pork loin from Wegmans , which is my new favorite grocery store, and made this green kale salad to go with it. 

Not pictured, we have Sausage and peppers, which we cooked the other night for later in the week and sampled before we put it in the fridge. SO GOOD.