Master Chef at Home

We are fans of cooking shows. If there is nothing on, the default is to check On Demand for some cooking competition. Scott got me into Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen, and we also love Knife Fight on Esquire Channel. Anyway - I've always enjoyed cooking but don't have the time.  Scott now gets home before I do from work, and is loving cooking! He has some signature dishes, and this week we actually tried to plan out meals ahead of time instead of Scott having to make it up as he goes along with quick trips to Whole Foods.

Signature Dishes: 

Meatballs, Sausage and Sauce. 
Scott makes a mean meatball, and a nice spicy sauce. I suppose it comes with the territory of being Italian! I used his recipe to make some food for Heather & Erik when I was in town for the 4th, and it came out pretty good! 

Spaghetti, grape tomatoes and feta. This dish is delicious on a cold or hot day. This isn't a pic of Scott's dish, but it looks similar. 

Kale Soup: Spicy Turkey Sausage, Kale, white beans, red beans. This is so good for a really cold day, but also pretty good on a summer night with some white wine! Scott and I like it nice and spicy though, which isn't for everyone. 

This week's menu

Chicken Florentine: So easy and so delicious! 

We baked chicken with italian seasoning and ate with brussel sprouts with Garlic & Balsamic vinegar. Such a small ingredient (balsamic) made the brussels taste so good!

We got a pre marinated pork loin from Wegmans , which is my new favorite grocery store, and made this green kale salad to go with it. 

Not pictured, we have Sausage and peppers, which we cooked the other night for later in the week and sampled before we put it in the fridge. SO GOOD. 


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