Time to Plan!

Once we got engaged, it was a whirlwind of celebrating with friends, family and each other. It's amazing how the love you feel from everyone, and feel closer to your new fiancĂ©!  Then, the reality of planning hits, and you can get overwhelmed really fast. Site fees, minimum spend, minimum attendees, cost per chair for a ceremony (yes that's real), and everyone you know asking "Did you pick a date!?!" Now we can say, Yes! We did! 

We started looking at venues when Heather and Erik were still in town at Christmas. I am so glad they were able to come to the first spot with us, since I had NO IDEA what I was supposed to look for or ask! We checked out Chamard Vineyard in Clinton, which is such a beautiful property. We toured the wine cellar and venue, then had some wine and lunch. While it was beautiful,  it wasn't exactly what we were looking for and had restrictions we couldn't get on board with. I can't wait to go in the spring or summer and enjoy wine outside, or in the barn where they have live music! On to the next option!  

Photo cred: Heather Luna 

Next on the list: Wadsworth Mansion
New Years Day, they had an open house. We went to check out the space, but struggled with the lack of open floor plan. Dinner and dancing were in separate spots, and if you got married outside, you likely have to rent a tent. At the end of it, we really didn't feel like this place fit our style. It is beautiful but not "us". 

Photo Cred: Wadsworth website

Look how crammed this dance floor is, and no seating to just watch the fun!  

We loved this venue. It's in Deep River, right on the CT River and was a great open space for a wedding. Sadly, all the add on costs were not something we wanted to get on board with, and we kept looking. Site fees, train fees (from Essex), and here it was, and additional $3.50 per person per chair for the ceremony. With a minimum guest count of 125, and end time of 10p? The odds were not in their favor. 

We had a wedding research session and sent what felt like 50 emails to CT venues. After making a cost analysis spreadsheet, we booked time with a new venue that is currently renovating an old wedding location for a tour and discussion. It went so well that we are sending a deposit! 

May 2016: The wedding of Scott & Kim! 



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