Sn - Over it!

It has been a BEAST of a winter in Boston this year. So much so that published the 5 Stages of Grief for a NE Winter, which is 100% accurate. There is a 6th stage: Wishful thinking. Yesterday it was 38, and that felt SO warm. I'm now wishfully thinking that our 20degree and below days are behind us. One can dream, right? 

Here's the story : 
January 23: I barely remember when we could see the entire sidewalk, or park this many cars on the street! 

January 24: A manageable amount 

January 27: Work from home stations. 

Piling up, before lunchtime

Braving the elements to get out of the apartment! 

 February 2: Scott's car did not move from this spot until this week! (3/3)

February 14: 

February 15: 

EVERY DAY view from my desk

February 16: Digging Scott's car out AGAIN.


So. Much. Snow. 


Check out my Flip-A-Gram capturing the snow days. 


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