Family Fun

Heather, Erik and Ethan came to town! We headed home for the weekend and spent some time with the fam. Saturday, I picked the Luna's up at JFK! It was a long car ride because the Mets were in the playoff and there was a ton of traffic! Boo! 
Sunday - we met everyone at Jones Family Farm for pumpkin picking and hayrides. The weather was crazy! It was really cold and started snowing on our hayride. Fun day with the Luna's and Mead's!

Family News: The Vollono's have a puppy! Adi is from the same family as Rudy, Bella, Olivia and Bear. She couldn't be adopted out by the breeders because she has a heart condition and needs to be closely monitored. The breeder offered her to the Vollono's, knowing she would be in good hands. She's such a sweetheart! I hope she grows out of her heart condition, because this little girl is so loved! 


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