2017 Back Log | January - February

Winter in Boston was pretty mild. We had a storm or two but nothing like the winter of a few years ago! Still, coming home to shovel the slush and ice wasn't great -- and I was happy to escape to the West Coast for a bit for work and family visit! 
Scott and I also continued the streak of not having spent an actual Valentines' Day together since we started dating! 

Work fun in LA shooting some great spots for April / May! 

Then, onto Berkeley: 

The CT Luna's were in town - it was great to see them while I was in CA! 
Family dinner at Hibachi

Heather and  I got to take advantage of the extra babysitters to shop and lunch. Here's the classic "Ladies who Lunch" pose! I really love getting out to CA and getting that 1:1 time with Heather. Nothing like a day laughing and chatting with your sister! 

Unfortunately - when mom is away.... Ethan will color on his face with a highlighter. 

Sweet boy and his mama

 And Titi! 

This girl is all smiles. I love her to bits! 


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