O Christmas Tree[s]

It's no secret that Scott LOVES Christmas. We get a jumpstart on the season with the day after Thanksgiving: tree cut down day. We pick out the Vollono family Christmas tree for his parents house at nearby Oak Ridge Tree Farm.

We got there nice and early (10a ish) so we beat the rush and the melting snow  / muddy ground. 

It didn't take long to find a great tree!

Lumberjack Scott chopping the tree down

When we got home, Sophia and Eric were there to help decorate the tree

only one ornament broke, and it wasn't even by the kids! Big Steve was the culprit.

We came home Saturday night and Sunday AM were at Home Depot getting our own tree! 

Technical lighting engineer properly installing lights

Patriots and Holiday decorating, what a lovely Sunday evening

The ornament with the ring! 

It's Christmas All Over Our Apartment!


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