CT Weekend

Weekend of August 8th - we headed to CT for a number of events. We had 2 bday parties, wedding dress shopping, Delorean maintenance, and a lemonade stand! 

Friday - we chatted with Laurel and Steve, and gave Rudy adequate love before heading downtown for dinner and drinks at Archies. Luckily our fave crew was working that night. 

Saturday - we stopped by Alex and Tiffany's to celebrate Greyson's first birthday! It was so good to catch up with their family, see Greyson and meet her sister's new puppy Charlie! Look how small and cute he is! [shameless plug for a pup *hint hint Scotty!* ]

Our dump truck was a hit! Greyson is such a sweet boy! 

Next up: Audrianna's 3rd birthday! Her grandparents hosted the event, which was full of pony rides, and homemade pizza in the backyard brick oven. Delicious! 

PiƱata for the kiddos

Gabby totally [NOT] loving the pony saddle

This lucky girl had 2 cakes ! Happy birthday Audrianna!! 

Sunday: Laundry [Thank you Laurel!], dress shopping, Delorean surgery and Lemonade stands! 
Mom, Laurel and I went to David's Bridal for the first round of wedding dress shopping. I tried on what felt like 100 dresses! It was good to figure out what I liked, what felt comfortable and what looked good. No info here on decisions since Scott is an avid [haha - yea right] reader, but an decision has been made!! WOOT Wedding! 

Lazy Gracie chilling with the clean clothes. 

Also on Sunday - Sophia [and crew] had a lemonade stand! Her mom, Amy, is riding in the Closer to Free Cancer fundraiser for the Yale / Smilow Cancer center. They raised over $400 that day!! It was a fun afternoon of family, friends and neighbors. Awesome job Sophia! 


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