Goodbye Old Friend

8.7.15: End of an era. I said goodbye to my beloved Elantra. The '04 beaut got me through so many winters, so many miles [over 190k!] and kept trucking through the trips to CT and back when Scotty and I were long distance [for FOUR YEARS.] I loved that car. Leaving it behind was so sad! But, the Gangster* gave me all he had. 

Here's the story: Tuesday PM, almost didn't start at the grocery store. Home: car is dead. Diagnosis: battery. Auto zone: Closed. Wednesday: Took the battery to Auto zone where they said it had full charge. OK cool! Put it back in, car is dead. Womp womp. Auto zone: New battery! Thursday: Scott drives it to work. Starts up, runs like a champ! End of day : dead. Jumped, runs. Gets a little feisty on the way home. Electrical instability, but survives the tunnel - thankfully! Off the pike, less than 3 miles from home. DEAD at a red light, conveniently outside a National Tire and Battery. Jumped - dies when cables come off. Plan: Get it to a flat space, change alternator [that had a lifetime warranty! thanks Auto Zone (grr. ) ] 100yards later: DEAD. just past a busy intersection! Thankfully in a bike lane. 
I met Scott at the site with his car - to block the dead Hyundai with his hazard lights. TWO HOURS later - the tow truck arrives to drive 100 yards back. So lame. The next day - the diagnosis: $650 to get it running. No Driveway, no way to get it fixed on our own. So - we cut our losses. Gave the title to the garage, and walked away. 

This was a sad day! I loved this guy, and he was so good to me. Our time was done, and it's on to new things. Thank you friend, for all your miles! xo

* named by Colleen - since the back window was tinted, she named him Gangster because he was slightly bad ass but mostly proper. 


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