This week's adventures:

Last weekend, we were in CT and were able to see Scott's sister in law, Amy finish her 25 mile Closer to free fundraiser bike ride. She didn't expect the kids at the finish and was so excited to see them! 

Yale Hospital bike team

That afternoon, we hung out at the Vollonos where Scott got to show off his quadcopter. Eric loved it! 

Later, we relaxed at his parents with Rudy stopping by to give us some love. 

The weekend ended with Scott en route to NY for training for the week, and me back to Boston. Tuesday night, the Black Mass premiere in Boston was held in Brookline - at the Coolidge Corner theater. It's about a mile from our apt so I went for a run past it. The block was insane! People everywhere. You could barely walk down the street. I grabbed this pic, ran around the block and got the other. Johnny Depp walked the red carpet when I was there, and you could hear people screaming for him. Nuts. 


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