Weekend Update | Pixar, Rain, and the Hateful Eight

2016 is in full swing! After so much down time over the holidays, it was rough to be at work for a full week. We ended the week with a fun dinner out with Lauren and Jerry at a local fave- The Publick House.  

Saturday - we got our butts in gear with an AM workout. Scott went for a run and I did a Tone It Up workout at home. After that - we headed out to the Museum of Science. They have had a Behind the scenes of Pixar exhibit since summer. Naturally we waited until the last weekend it was in town. Ha!

The exhibit was really cool. The HUGE downside was that it was so crowded. It was a weekend, so I expected it, but I think they over fill it to make $$$. Sad, because its hard to enjoy all the awesome videos and interactive pieces because there are so many people. 

This interactive piece let you play with lighting to see how subtle changes altered the look and feel of the room. 

Clay models are one step in the animation process. 

Pixar is an amazing machine that produces awesome films. SO MUCH WORK goes into everything they put out!  It is insane to think that such a rough sketch turns into a polished piece of digital animation. 

There were a ton of models of characters, but I love this little lady's presence. She doesn't take $hit from anyone, and is clearly the master of her craft.  

More interactive stations where you learn about how 3D shapes are used to make objects in films.

After the museum, we took the T a few stops over to Haymarket. We checked out the new Public Market in town, and it is AWESOME. It smelled so good and has a ton of great vendors from around the state, RI and even VT. 

Craft beer! 

Q's Nuts! 

A sampling of the variety of vendors

This place smelled the best - they were making cider donuts! yummmmm. 

We ended the afternoon with a drink downtown before heading over to Cambridge to meet up with a former co worker of Scott's who was in town visiting family. 

Sunday: what a rainy, dreary day. 
We hit the ground running (cycling) with a workout date with Lauren at The Handle Bar. 
There are a ton of indoor cycling studios to pick from - soul cycle, flywheel, etc. But Handle Bar is the best in town. The instructor is so full of energy and really pumps you up to give it all you got, and make the most of the class. It's definitely a challenge and you sweat a TON. We are hooked, and looking at buying a 10 class passes. (Any amount of classes is a great gift idea!) 

After the Handle Bar, we chilled at home before I got motivated to go grocery shopping. Bad timing, since it was literally raining sideways as I walked from the car to the store. Whoops. 

Next up - an afternoon movie. We had heard that The Hateful Eight was good - if you like Quentin Tarantino. Ever since Inglourious Basterds , I've had an appreciation for Tarantino's style. It is graphic and sometimes disgusting, but he has an interesting way of bringing comedy to a death scene.  If you like Tarantino - I'd recommend checking it out! 


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