can you HANDLE it?

At the end of 2015, our friend Lauren introduced me to the local cycle studio, The Handle Bar. I went once, and really enjoyed it. Then - with the holidays and general insanity of weekends, didn't get back to a class with her until January. My first thought after finishing was - Scott would really enjoy this, so when we signed up for another class, he joined us! 

We started out with Sunday morning class in Harvard Sq. The instructor, Matt, is fantastic - so much positive energy and such a great way to kick off a week. His sound track is also amazing, and he sometimes posts his lists to Spotify! So, we decided to try the new rider special offer, 1 month, unlimited rides for $100, and we are taking full advantage. Scott and I now are doing Tuesday and Thursday classes at the Fenway location and then Sundays with Lauren in Harvard Sq. We are both out of town and missing class this week which is bumming me out, but we'll be back Tues/Thurs! 

I'm addicted! The workout is intense, but of course with spin you can control the type of work out you have. We walk out of class sweaty and tired, but energized and happy. The instructors at Handle Bar push you to give it all you've got, and work hard for the full 45 you are in there. Of course, you have to find the instructors that work at the speed you are happy with - we had one whose music taste and approach to the ride was a bit out of our style, but we are loving our weeknight and weekend rides! I love that Scott and I are riding it out together and getting stronger. And, my new go to gift suggestion: Handle Bar gift cards! 
(hint hint for my upcoming March birthday!) 


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