Adventures in Babysitting

My friend Lauren has some awesome kids. Lyla and Colton are two of my favorites, and I got to spend time with them this spring when Lauren had an engagement party, and Kevin had a bachelor party the same night! 

Lyla, Colton and I hung out on the trampoline

They posed on the swing.

And enjoyed some ice cream! 

A few weeks later, I went back to spend 2 nights with Colton while Lauren and Kevin were at Kevin's sister's wedding in NH. 

We had chicken nuggets! 

He shared his pop tart

Took good care of Cabbage (yes, that's her name)

And chilled in the backyard

Scott came to visit and play in the backyard for a bit Saturday, and Lori came Saturday night to watch a movie and have dinner. Colton was such a good kid! 


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