Beverly Hills, what a thrill!

I end up in LA about 4x a year or more for production for work. This round we had an aggressive shoot, and an overnight shoot night! 

Our hotel was in Beverly Hills, and of course all I could think of was Troop Beverly Hills! We're the girls from Beverly Hills, shopping is our greatest thrill!"

Street art in CA - I have no idea where we were at this point, all I know is we had to book it out of Culver City to avoid traffic that was associated with President Obama being in town. 
Because we shot overnight - we had to go to a studio since we couldn't be in an actual neighborhood at 3am! We shot at the same studio the Friends Fountain is in, and the same lot the Griswold's house from Christmas Vacation is in! 


Sneak Peek at the Fall Commercial theme! 


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