Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Fun

The weekend of wine making we met up with Sophia and Eric (with Laurel and Steve ) downtown at the Wallingford Halloween celebration. 

Scary Vampire

Sweet Scarecrow

Photo Booth fun! 

Then, we were back in town on Halloween weekend! We showed off the ring, went trick or treating with the kiddos, and hung out with the family and some of Laurel's work friends. North Main St is the hot spot in town on Halloween. People from all over town come to this street to trick or treat so it is busy and fun. I think Laurel and Steve gave out over 600 pieces of candy! 

Scotty and Big Steve

The house down the street went all out for decorations. This metal dragon breathed fire, and a costumed Michael Myers came out to make the fire stronger! Scary! 

Cutie Nadia (Scott's cousins' daughter) as a dog

Auntie Sue's awesome decoration job! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Look at this Cutie!

A few weeks ago I babysat the adorable baby Kendall while her parents went to a wedding! 

We took a walk down to the Charles River, and Kendall fell asleep within a few minutes. 

Thrilled by the Head of the Charles race

So Cute, can't wait to see her again! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Vollono Visit

The Vollono's came to visit Columbus Day weekend! They stayed on the Green Turtle again, which is so nice to visit and hang out on. They had time to themselves Friday, and we met up with them Saturday for a play and dinner. 

Drinks at the Black Rose

Dinner at Union Oyster House 

Sunday we went to Salem, a must visit in October. It's kind of cheesy and was really crowded but we had a good time checking out the shops !

There are all kinds in Salem in October. People dress up and set up shop downtown for photo ops. This Frankenstein was pretty popular! 

Cool Skulls from a shop that sold lots of herbs and more cultural items.

The usual haunt: old cemetery with lots of history

We spent Sunday night on the boat. We watched the sunset, had a few drinks, and ordered pizza. The boat has cable and the guys were able to watch the Giants game !

Monday we toured Charlestown. We walked up to the monument and listened to some of the lecture about the history of the battle there. 

We had lunch at one of our faves - Warren Tavern and then wandered around town for a bit.

Last few hours on the boat before we had to go home and prep for work the next day! 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A very Nemi weekend

Scott and I drove up to VT to see JEN NEMI! It was a rainy not so awesome day so we decided to check out some of the local breweries around the area! 

They still had a summer Strawberry beer on tap, and a more fall flavor - Hills and Hollows. Added perk- they had games to play! 

 Jenga is very stressful. Especially if you're sampling brews! 

Sampler and some Connect Four battles. 

We also went to Fiddlehead, and had delicious pizza next door, and Switchback Brewery.
We hit up a few other places and after getting caught in a down pour, we ended the night at Hotel Vermont. I'm a sucker for a deep glass of red wine, and was happy to see they had the big glasses here! 

Sunday we grabbed a quick breakfast (um. who knew Brueggers bagels had Honey Walnut Cream cheese?!! so so so good) and then watched some football and had lunch. We were sad to leave! 

And Now, The End is Near

It's the end of an era : Derek Jeter's last season in Major League Baseball. When he announced his retirement at the start of the season, my dad said - we should get tickets to his last game at Fenway! I started to look into it, and put my name on a waiting list to buy tickets. I sort of forgot about it until mid - September when I got a call that I needed to update my credit card info in order to process the tickets! WHAT?! These bad boys were selling on stub hub and everywhere else for $200+ per ticket, and we just scored face value seats!! WOOOT!!

We broke the news to my dad and Scott's dad the week before, and they were SO excited!! Steve declined at first since they had a family friend's daughter's wedding to attend the same day - but when Laurel found out about the game - she told him to skip the wedding!! What a sweet wife!

The dads drove up together and we headed to Fenway!

NYC Color Guard alongside Boston on the field

Red Sox Message to Jeter: With Re2pect to Derek Jeter

Past Red Sox captains came to celebrate Jeter: Carl Yastremski -

Jim Rice, Luis Tiant, Tim Wakefield, Rico Petrocelli, Jason Varitek and Fred Lynn. [Yes, I had to google it!]

Other prominent Boston sports figures came too - Bobby Orr (Bruins), Troy Brown (Patriots), Paul Pierce (Celtics)

And the entire 2014 Red Sox roster came out to shake his hand

Gifts from the Sox include: Second base from Dustin Pedroia, 

$22,222 donation to his Turn 2 foundation, 

Respect sign in Green Monster green

Lastly, local singer from the Voice, Michelle Brooks Thompson sang "R-E-S-P-E-C-T". A slight cord tangle kept her farther from the team than planned, and it looked like the guys out there were pressuring Jeter to dance with her! He opted for a hug instead.

Every time Jeter was at bat - the entire stadium was on their feet.

His last MLB at bat: He had a hit to 3rd which could have been an easy out, but the 3rd baseman, Garin Cecchini tipped it with his fingers and Jeter made it to first. He called out a pinch runner and with that - ended his run as an active Yankee player. 

Great time with great guys !