A very Nemi weekend

Scott and I drove up to VT to see JEN NEMI! It was a rainy not so awesome day so we decided to check out some of the local breweries around the area! 

They still had a summer Strawberry beer on tap, and a more fall flavor - Hills and Hollows. Added perk- they had games to play! 

 Jenga is very stressful. Especially if you're sampling brews! 

Sampler and some Connect Four battles. 

We also went to Fiddlehead, and had delicious pizza next door, and Switchback Brewery.
We hit up a few other places and after getting caught in a down pour, we ended the night at Hotel Vermont. I'm a sucker for a deep glass of red wine, and was happy to see they had the big glasses here! 

Sunday we grabbed a quick breakfast (um. who knew Brueggers bagels had Honey Walnut Cream cheese?!! so so so good) and then watched some football and had lunch. We were sad to leave! 


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