West Coast Brews

Super late post here.

Scott and I LOVE west coast style IPA. It's stronger and hoppier than the common east coast beers and are DEEE - LISH! One perk to visiting CA is getting some Pliny the Elder. It's a delicious IPA brewed by Russian River . It is bottled in limited quantities and goes fast when found on tap! The first day we were in CA, it was a Pliny delivery day in Berkeley, so Scott and I walked down to the liquor store and bought the 1 bottled allowed per person. I hoped a local bar had some on tap, but sadly they were out. We enjoyed a few other local beers instead and saved the Pliny to enjoy with Erik.

There is a specific taste receptor gene that makes people more sensitive to bitter food, which would turn them off from bitter beers. 

We also visited the Sierra Nevada Tap Room. I didn't write down all the beers we tasted, but among the 4 of us, we probably hit them all! One of my favorites was actually the Pilsner, which can be a tricky beer for my tastes. I sometimes feel like they don't have enough flavor. 

Ethan was awake and hung out for a while before he got a little bored 
and had to go out to the car to eat. 

What a great looking family! 


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