Halloween Fun

The weekend of wine making we met up with Sophia and Eric (with Laurel and Steve ) downtown at the Wallingford Halloween celebration. 

Scary Vampire

Sweet Scarecrow

Photo Booth fun! 

Then, we were back in town on Halloween weekend! We showed off the ring, went trick or treating with the kiddos, and hung out with the family and some of Laurel's work friends. North Main St is the hot spot in town on Halloween. People from all over town come to this street to trick or treat so it is busy and fun. I think Laurel and Steve gave out over 600 pieces of candy! 

Scotty and Big Steve

The house down the street went all out for decorations. This metal dragon breathed fire, and a costumed Michael Myers came out to make the fire stronger! Scary! 

Cutie Nadia (Scott's cousins' daughter) as a dog

Auntie Sue's awesome decoration job! 


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