This week in Roaming the Internet

This week was quiet and busy all at once. Very strange, but productive in a slow, calm way if that makes sense.

Anyway- I had some time to browse online this week and found some cool stuff.

1. The This site is similar to Quirky in that it is a place people can share cool inventions, and other innovative products they want to get out to the marketplace. A few that struck me are: the One Handed phone holder, and two options for a key holder that condense your keys to be like a swiss army knife instead of a jangly mess.

2. An article about wines you'll like depending on your beer taste. I'm interested to test this out!

3. A guy who is going to Olive Garden every day for their endless pasta promotion and writing a blog called "All of Garden" about his experience.

4. Grateful to be staying put in Boston this weekend! Local news says that yesterday was supposed to be one of the heaviest traffic days on the Mass Pike, based on last year's transaction count (EZPass I assume?) of 700,121 vehicles on Friday alone. Wow - ee. Wonder how that compares to the WORST driving time ever - the Tuesday night and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. (in my opinion) 

Happy Weekend!! 


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