CT Weekend: Gabby Turns 1 and Early Father's Day

CT Weekend! 
Friday: Traffic was a beast. It took so long to even get the 1.5 miles from Target to the apartment Friday afternoon, that there was no way we were going to attempt the Pike at 4p, knowing that wouldn't get us home until 8p. We had dinner in town, loaded up the car and left around 6:30, and spent the typical 2hrs in the car on the way down. 

I headed to Milford to say hi to Grandma and Grandpa! Grandpa was sporting a pretty familiar looking hairstyle - carried on in the newest generation: Ethan Graham! Bed head twins! 

Later, we went to David and Lindsay's to meet their new baby girl Danni. She is such a sweet girl, don't be fooled by her crying in the pic below. 

After that - we headed to the family celebration for Gabby's First Birthday!! I can't believe a year has gone by since she and Ethan were born. Time really flies. 

Cutting the birthday cake! 

Cousins Sophia and Eric (patiently) waiting for cake

Birthday Girl! 

Me & Amy

Fun in the bouncy house! The kids had a great time jumping on Uncle Scott 

Hanging out in the yard with our bud Rudy. 

We met up with my parents for an early Father's Day celebration. Since they will be in CA next weekend - we went Go-Karting and had Lunch at one of our favorite spots, Archies! 


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