This weekend I headed up to Maine to celebrate the birthday of the lovely Jennifer Nemi. 
Scott went to CT to celebrate Father's Day and help his dad with yard work so I was headed North solo. 

Saturday - we golfed 9 holes. Jen guided me on which club to use, and if I could only keep my head down and follow through - I would have played much better. I'm considering lessons to learn more! 

Sweet chunk of grass Drew hit.

When we got back, we took a ride on the Nemi's pontoon boat and had pizza for lunch, courtesy of Ann (Jen's mom).

Greg (Jen's dad) Grilled up some chicken with a secret family recipe I hope to get my hands on someday! We also had grilled romaine, which I had never heard of. You can either cut the romaine lengthwise and grill, or if it is leafier - break it apart and grill up the leaves. Add your favorite dressing and serve. It was so good. 

Next: Dessert! Jen's grandma made a whoopee pie cake for her bday.

We ended the night with a fire in the pit out back. I forget what they were calling this, but basically there are logs that are hollowed out that act as a chimney on the fire. 

Sunday : It was pretty rainy so we hung around the house and just chilled. Jen's mom came across her Barbies, so we had some fun organizing the box of dolls and fixing them up. 

Also - a snapping turtle showed up on the lawn and laid some eggs. We monitored it all morning, as it approached the house and hid under bushes. 

Before we left, Greg made us Steak Sandwiches. The recipe originated in our fave town - Beverly, MA! You grill up some thin cut rib eye steak, add provolone cheese, a slice of salami and grilled peppers. SO SO SO Delicious. Fun Maine weekend with the Nemi clan! 


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