Berkeley Weekend

I am so so so grateful that work gets me to the west coast so I can see the Luna's often! It is always a treat to see the handsome nugget, EGL. 
I cannot believe how fast he is growing up. What happened to the little baby I held almost a year ago!? 

Friday, we checked out the aquarium at the Cal Academy. 

Ethan LOVED the fish, butterflies, and everything in the aquarium...EXCEPT the humidity of the rainforest. #californiababy 

Hot, tired, almost done. 

Before heading back to Berkeley - we hit up the old favorite - Falletti! It was right across from Heather and Erik's old apartment and was so convenient for a quick run for a snack, wine/cheese, or iced coffee. Some guy walked in, saw Ethan and said "Wow! That's a cute baby!" - so many people come out of the blue and tell Heather how handsome he is! Ridiculously good looking baby. 

Friday Night, Heather and I went to see "Hairspray" in Berkeley. It's crazy, sad and incredibly disappointing that the same race issues that happened in the 60's are still a problem today. We should have come so much further by now. Despite this, the show has some really fun parts and overall a positive message. It's on the top 5 list now! 

Saturday: Heather and EGL did their first stroller run to train for a 5k at the end of the month. Luckily we went at a doable pace - because I was getting over being sick and was able to keep up. 

Later that day, we went to a Mother's Day Lunch! 

EGL pushing his own stroller

sweet sweatshirt at the craft fair 

more pushing the stroller as we waited to be sat

Quick stroll around before heading back so someone could nap! (Or, all of us!) 

 E & E need to work on smiling and looking at the camera, eyes open, at the same time !

Chilling in the afternoon with the Luna's

Silly boy

Sunday AM breakfast! 

Until next time West Coast! 


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