Five things FRIDAY

1. Woot!! It's Friday! This week felt like it took forever. I think it was a combination of being tired (Red eye to work Monday, Woof!) and having a quieter week at work. Less meetings makes the week drag! 

2. Stowaway! I found this in my clothes this morning from my trip to CA. I got a little sad when I saw it and it made me miss EGL, Heather and Erik so much! Also - Heather's laundry smells AMAZING. Not sure why mine never comes out as good as hers does. 

3. Belated Mother's Day celebration - Today Scott and I are headed to CT for the weekend. I haven't been home since Easter! Tomorrow, Mom and I are getting Mani/Pedi's and then we'll all go to dinner. 

I am excited to try out this restaurant in CT! I love that craft beer is taking over and bars/restaurants are opening with so many great beer choices. One thing I love about Boston is the variety of bars with great beer, and now CT has some too! 

5. Hairspray ! Heather and I saw this last Friday in Berkeley and I can't get the songs out of my head! It's kept me in a great mood this week, and now I have download the soundtrack to learn all the words! 

Have a good weekend!


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