Five things Friday

In an effort to blog more consistently - I'm starting 5 things Friday, which I've seen on a few other blogs. So - here they are !

1. Rabbit, Rabbit - it's the First of May! Hope you said it this AM for 31 days of good luck! 

2. Podcasts: My new favorite thing. I've been hating AM radio shows in town for months and was listening to random things on my phone on the ride in. For a while it was Listen to a Movie or TV show , but I got sick of that. Then, my friend told me about Serial.  I got hooked and listed to the whole thing in less than a week! Then, realized how much is available FREE on the podcast app. I've subscribed to This American Life, and a ton of others. No longer dreading traffic or the ride to/from work is great! 

3. Tis the season - for spring colds and allergies. It seems like everyone is sick or sniffling. Just when we got rid of the "I hate winter" complaints, we are on to "I hate spring allergies". Can New Englanders ever be happy? Next up - "It's sooooo hot out" 

4. CA bound! Sunday night I fly to LA for
Work - then see the Luna's next weekend!

5. Dirty Dancing! I'm so excited to see it on stage tomorrow with Lauren, Lori and Vera! 
Nobody puts Baby in a corner. 


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