Finally Friday

Holy Hell, this week has been a beast. 3 day weekends are amazing, until Wednesday when you think it is Tuesday, and Thursday - when you realize there are only 16 hours left in the work week but you have about 30+ hours worth of work to do. 

1. Today is officially ONE YEAR until our wedding!!! WOOT! 

Also, Happy Birthday JFK.

2. Drive Time Entertainment.

After getting hooked on Serial and then subscribing to a ton of podcasts, I found some that make me laugh on the commute to work. 

Sara and Steve Hate People. 

This is a married couple who live in LA and podcast about things they don't like, or things we are all thinking and don't openly talk about. I'm still deciding if they are annoying bc I've only listened to a few. 


Sara from Sara and Steve Hate People teamed up with Rachael King, who I've been following via social media since her hilarious blog Liv It Luv It from her life in DC a few years ago. LiLu ended, and I'm excited to be back hearing her tales and discussions on life now that she is a West Coaster. 

- Ask me Another. 

This podcast brings the NPR show to you  when you're ready, vs. waiting around on the radio for it to come on. I stumbled upon Ask Me Another years ago, but never remember to listen to NPR at 6p on a Saturday. Or, am not driving in my car for that hour - because where else do you even know where to find a radio? The show is live from NY and is a mix of brainteasers, trivia, and awesome guests. 

4. What's on Repeat? 

5. Weekend plans I can't wait for: 
- Picnic at Summit Park tonight
- Maine / New Hampshire with Jen and Drew Saturday
- Cleaning on Sunday

Happy Friday! 


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