EGL: Year One

What a fun weekend! We arrived in SF on Thursday night for EGL's 1st birthday festivities. I cannot believe this nugget is one year old. It feels so recent that I was holding this little baby! 

Happy birthday baby boy! Here is a video I made for you, your parents and the family! 

Weekend Recap! 

Friday - we woke up with Ethan, went for a run during his walk and later that night went to Fieldwork Brewery for Scrabble and beers with Erik, Heather and Jaime. 

Concentrating on a new word. 

 Saturday was EGL's First Birthday Party! That morning we ran some errands and went to set up the party. The family, and a bunch of local friends came by! 

EGL and his nanny!

Birthday Cake!! 

Saturday night - the 'kids' went to try some beers at the Rare barrel. I had to try the New kids on the Hops for the name alone! 

Sunday - we hung around and went to the playground with everyone. Ethan loved having his grandparents (both sets!), aunts and uncles. We all missed Aunt Laura, who wasn't able to make it due to work. 

That afternoon, we needed some fresh air, so we went for a hike at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. Scott loved seeing the redwoods and Ethan tried out his new hiking backpack! 

We are going to miss this kid and his parents! Luckily we see them again in September on our trip to Wisconsin, and again in October! Woot!! 


  1. hello. found your blog from your old blog. good pics!


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