PMC Day at Fenway

Since I've done the Pan Mass Challenge for the past few years, I'm on the email list for events they have in town. I got an email about Pan Mass Day at Fenway and got a great price on good bleacher seats for the June 6 game. 

It was a gorgeous day and we walked down to the park from our apt. I haven't walked up the side parking lot in a few years and found that they had these cool oversized numbers to honor past players. 

The tickets allowed us to get into the park 30 min before the park opened to the general public so we were able to poke around all the different sections.

The Red Seat: Colored red to honor Ted Williams and the furthest hit home run at Fenway.

Sitting on top of the Green Monster! 

PMC Day included a pre game reception in the Champions Club. They had some great food (BBQ chicken, pulled pork), Free beer, wine and soda. Pete Frates and Billy Starr were hanging out before the game in the Champions Club too. 

At the start of the game, they unveiled the PMC logo and the 2015 goal: Raise $45 million dollars! 

Our section was quite spirited. Someone snuck in a bunch of beach balls which security HATED and did their best to get rid of. In the 7th inning stretch, they let loose the rest of them and it was pretty funny. 

Great weather and a great game - the Red Sox won 4-2 vs. the Oakland Athletics. They aren't doing too hot this year, but a win is a win! 


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