Five Things Friday | Vacation is here!

Yay for Friday and vacation starting tonight! The week leading up to vaca can be so stressful - trying to tie up loose ends at work, organizing for the trip and making sure you have pet care! Tonight will be full of packing and last minute things, and tomorrow we drive to RI 

1. U2! 
Two weeks ago, a co worker emailed around asking if anyone wanted to buy her U2 tix because she had a change in plans. This band has been on my list to see before they stop touring, and I do love some of their songs - so we went! These guys put on an awesome show. I love when concerts are a show vs just sing, talk, repeat, end. I'll devote an entire post to this show, but here are some highlights! 

15 years ago - these would have been lighters, now they are iPhone flashlights! 

2. Weston 5 Miler
Our VP set up a fun Thursday night - run the Weston 5 miler, then a get together at his house nearby. The 5 miles were NOT fun. I haven't been running a ton which is bad given we are due to run the Gulf Beach Half  in September! EEK! Time to get to work. 
The 5 miler was hillier than expected, and I was super slow, but it was fun to get out there and run with the team! 

3. BI, RI
Saturday kicks off a week in Block Island! We rented a house with the usual suspects (Jen, Drew, Lauren, Kevin, Lyla, Colton, Colleen, Brad, Lori, & missing Vera! who is in a  show)
Cannot wait for a week of grilling, beaching, biking, and maybe some paddle boarding! 

4. Office Shenanigans
Our office building is undergoing some renovations, and part of that includes decor. The team has put images of products - coffee, ice cream, etc. on the conference room windows, which is controversial in a few ways. 1. no telling if its the right meeting or not! 2. this scary ghost! People are posting images that look like the ghost in the cup. The day after I took this - someone put up the scream mask. They've all been taken down now, but it was pretty funny to see everyones reactions. 

5. Car Update
Not too long ago, I posted on FB and Instagram that the Elantra was alive and kicking at 190k miles. Since then we have discovered that there is rusting in an exhaust pipe on the drivers side which bums me out. It makes my car sound like a weak motorcycle which is not cool. I think I will need to consider a plan for a new car sooner than later. Given that we live in the city and have street parking - I'm probably going the route of a used / pre owned car so I don't freak out about scratches and parking! Eesh. 


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