Weekend Update: Happy 4th!

Scott and I kept the 4th weekend pretty low key. We headed to CT for some wedding stuff and to see some family. 

Friday we woke up to Sophia and Eric at the house, entertaining themselves by dressing Rudy up in beads. Check out the cute pic Sophia drew for us. That's a veil on my face - I'm not channeling the Corpse Bride. 

Then, we headed out to check out a hotel for the wedding! No details yet, but it's crazy to be planning big pieces of the wedding! Ahh! 

Later that day-  I went down to Milford to see my Grandpa for his birthday. He turned 85 on 7/1! 

Happy Birthday!! These kids don't look their age! 

While I was in Milford, Scott was getting started on the Delorean surgery. My dad came over on Saturday and they worked on the car. They found the source of the leak on the car but realized there is more work to be done than they thought. Good thing it is not his everyday car, because it is out of commission for a bit. 

While the guys were working on the car, my mom and I went to see Pixar's Inside Out. It was so good! A little sad, but overall well done. I think it has the potential to help kids, and maybe even adults - understand and identify feelings in an easier way. 


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