Friday, July 17, 2015

Five Things Friday | Vacation is here!

Yay for Friday and vacation starting tonight! The week leading up to vaca can be so stressful - trying to tie up loose ends at work, organizing for the trip and making sure you have pet care! Tonight will be full of packing and last minute things, and tomorrow we drive to RI 

1. U2! 
Two weeks ago, a co worker emailed around asking if anyone wanted to buy her U2 tix because she had a change in plans. This band has been on my list to see before they stop touring, and I do love some of their songs - so we went! These guys put on an awesome show. I love when concerts are a show vs just sing, talk, repeat, end. I'll devote an entire post to this show, but here are some highlights! 

15 years ago - these would have been lighters, now they are iPhone flashlights! 

2. Weston 5 Miler
Our VP set up a fun Thursday night - run the Weston 5 miler, then a get together at his house nearby. The 5 miles were NOT fun. I haven't been running a ton which is bad given we are due to run the Gulf Beach Half  in September! EEK! Time to get to work. 
The 5 miler was hillier than expected, and I was super slow, but it was fun to get out there and run with the team! 

3. BI, RI
Saturday kicks off a week in Block Island! We rented a house with the usual suspects (Jen, Drew, Lauren, Kevin, Lyla, Colton, Colleen, Brad, Lori, & missing Vera! who is in a  show)
Cannot wait for a week of grilling, beaching, biking, and maybe some paddle boarding! 

4. Office Shenanigans
Our office building is undergoing some renovations, and part of that includes decor. The team has put images of products - coffee, ice cream, etc. on the conference room windows, which is controversial in a few ways. 1. no telling if its the right meeting or not! 2. this scary ghost! People are posting images that look like the ghost in the cup. The day after I took this - someone put up the scream mask. They've all been taken down now, but it was pretty funny to see everyones reactions. 

5. Car Update
Not too long ago, I posted on FB and Instagram that the Elantra was alive and kicking at 190k miles. Since then we have discovered that there is rusting in an exhaust pipe on the drivers side which bums me out. It makes my car sound like a weak motorcycle which is not cool. I think I will need to consider a plan for a new car sooner than later. Given that we live in the city and have street parking - I'm probably going the route of a used / pre owned car so I don't freak out about scratches and parking! Eesh. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Five Things Friday

1. Camping Weekend! 
We have not gone camping since our last trip to VT in 2013! Craziness. Last year our camping buddies were out of commission having just had a newborn baby, soooo we opted out of that event last summer. Now, Kendall is almost 1, and ready to learn about state park camping. Today - we head to Pawtuckaway State Park  for Kayaking, Mountain biking and camp-fires. Also on the agenda, Charmingfare Farm for Kendall and possibly Candia Vineyards or Flag Hill Winery / Distillery! 

2. What's Keeping us entertained? 
- Masterchef: Unlike on Hell's Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey is supportive, nice(r) and motivating to the home chefs competing to become the next master chef. Understandably - since they are home chefs vs professionals, but still - the vibe is more enjoyable. Next week determines the top 10, and I don't have a favorite yet! There are a few who I'd be OK with seeing go home (ahem, Katrina who cries at EVERYTHING and Christopher who runs his mouth about his skills without anything to back it up)

- Wayward Pines: So, this show is a little strange still. It's a sci-fi / mystery/thriller based on a book series and is produced by M. Night Shayamalan (the plot twist director of Sixth Sense and The Village). It is an intense and detailed story about an alternate life in a pleasantville town that no one can escape. Learning the details of why - I'm still not sure I buy that anyone is telling the truth. I'm sucked in to see how it ends. 

- True Detective: We watched Season 1, which was good but a bit graphic toward the end. This season is a new set of detectives and story lines that I am still wrapping my head around. There are so many characters that we keep asking - wait, who is that guy again? 
Luckily, I just found a cheat sheet that might be able to help us out. 

3. On the Move - Sunday, we pumped air in our bike tires and took off on a quick jaunt to Newton. It's about 4 miles away and has a few good hills on the route. We stopped in Newton Centre for a drink at Union Street Bar and Grill, then rode back via Brookline for dinner and some World Cup viewing at The Publick House

4. Upcoming events to look forward to: Meeting up with Stephen, Amy, Sophia and Eric at Old Orchard beach next Friday, leaving for Block Island next weekend, and Scott's Birthday!! 

5. This awesome mash up! Kenny Ortega is a fantastic choreographer, so I'm not surprised his moves are so versatile to other beats. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

PMC Day at Fenway

Since I've done the Pan Mass Challenge for the past few years, I'm on the email list for events they have in town. I got an email about Pan Mass Day at Fenway and got a great price on good bleacher seats for the June 6 game. 

It was a gorgeous day and we walked down to the park from our apt. I haven't walked up the side parking lot in a few years and found that they had these cool oversized numbers to honor past players. 

The tickets allowed us to get into the park 30 min before the park opened to the general public so we were able to poke around all the different sections.

The Red Seat: Colored red to honor Ted Williams and the furthest hit home run at Fenway.

Sitting on top of the Green Monster! 

PMC Day included a pre game reception in the Champions Club. They had some great food (BBQ chicken, pulled pork), Free beer, wine and soda. Pete Frates and Billy Starr were hanging out before the game in the Champions Club too. 

At the start of the game, they unveiled the PMC logo and the 2015 goal: Raise $45 million dollars! 

Our section was quite spirited. Someone snuck in a bunch of beach balls which security HATED and did their best to get rid of. In the 7th inning stretch, they let loose the rest of them and it was pretty funny. 

Great weather and a great game - the Red Sox won 4-2 vs. the Oakland Athletics. They aren't doing too hot this year, but a win is a win! 


(stock image, not the actual guy we met)

Sunday, Scott had a run in with nature. He was outside trying to help his dad replace a wheel on a trailer for the lawnmower when he felt something furry on his foot. At first, he brushed it off thinking it was the dog, but quickly realized it was a baby Skunk! 

The little guy sprayed and it STUNK.  Scott dropped the trailer and ran away. He got sprayed on his foot and had to clean up using a concoction of baking soda, peroxide and dish detergent. Luckily it was only his foot and sandals! Scott and Big Steve thought the skunk was sick since it wasn't moving, but eventually he walked away into the woods. Nice way to end the weekend! hahah. 

Weekend Update: Happy 4th!

Scott and I kept the 4th weekend pretty low key. We headed to CT for some wedding stuff and to see some family. 

Friday we woke up to Sophia and Eric at the house, entertaining themselves by dressing Rudy up in beads. Check out the cute pic Sophia drew for us. That's a veil on my face - I'm not channeling the Corpse Bride. 

Then, we headed out to check out a hotel for the wedding! No details yet, but it's crazy to be planning big pieces of the wedding! Ahh! 

Later that day-  I went down to Milford to see my Grandpa for his birthday. He turned 85 on 7/1! 

Happy Birthday!! These kids don't look their age! 

While I was in Milford, Scott was getting started on the Delorean surgery. My dad came over on Saturday and they worked on the car. They found the source of the leak on the car but realized there is more work to be done than they thought. Good thing it is not his everyday car, because it is out of commission for a bit. 

While the guys were working on the car, my mom and I went to see Pixar's Inside Out. It was so good! A little sad, but overall well done. I think it has the potential to help kids, and maybe even adults - understand and identify feelings in an easier way. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

EGL: Year One

What a fun weekend! We arrived in SF on Thursday night for EGL's 1st birthday festivities. I cannot believe this nugget is one year old. It feels so recent that I was holding this little baby! 

Happy birthday baby boy! Here is a video I made for you, your parents and the family! 

Weekend Recap! 

Friday - we woke up with Ethan, went for a run during his walk and later that night went to Fieldwork Brewery for Scrabble and beers with Erik, Heather and Jaime. 

Concentrating on a new word. 

 Saturday was EGL's First Birthday Party! That morning we ran some errands and went to set up the party. The family, and a bunch of local friends came by! 

EGL and his nanny!

Birthday Cake!! 

Saturday night - the 'kids' went to try some beers at the Rare barrel. I had to try the New kids on the Hops for the name alone! 

Sunday - we hung around and went to the playground with everyone. Ethan loved having his grandparents (both sets!), aunts and uncles. We all missed Aunt Laura, who wasn't able to make it due to work. 

That afternoon, we needed some fresh air, so we went for a hike at Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. Scott loved seeing the redwoods and Ethan tried out his new hiking backpack! 

We are going to miss this kid and his parents! Luckily we see them again in September on our trip to Wisconsin, and again in October! Woot!!